Daxio Design: Readers’ Choice Award Winner for Best Graphic Design Agency

Daxio Design: Award Winner for Best Graphic Design Agency

Daxio Design is honoured and delighted to have won the Readers’ Choice Award for the Best Graphic Design Agency! A sincere thanks to everyone who voted for us! Please Scan & Click the QR Code with an Android device for an #AugmentedReality Surprise!

It means so much to our team to know the community is behind us and rooting for us to succeed! If you know of any company owners that are ready to take their marketing to the next level, please keep us in mind. Our marketing services now include “Augmented Reality” business cards and advertisements. It’s really an exciting time for marketing!

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At Daxio Design we’re fun and friendly, so please don’t hesitate to ask for a quote for your next Graphic Design or Marketing Project. 


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Your Design Matters

What’s your business, and who are your customers?

Daxio Design is a marketing agency that takes on challenges. We started as a small graphic design studio and have grown into an industry-leading marketing agency with a dedicated team of experts. The world of marketing today is very complex, and enterprise-level business leaders are in need of trusted partners to help them navigate complex marketing systems. We create innovative strategies that combine sales psychology with technology to maximize return on investment. Our ideal partner is an ambitious company who is ready to leap forward to the next level of success. What makes Daxio Design different? Most agencies are narrowly focused on only one aspect of marketing while we keep our eye on the big picture. We get to know our client’s brand and advertising programs inside out (including Logos & Branding, Web Design & SEO, Print Marketing, Email Marketing, and Social Campaigns). Our goal is to make marketing easy and effective with the seamless integration of marketing systems…  

Read the entire interview at https://gosolo.subkit.com/daxio-design/


Why Is Outsourcing so Important?

Why Is Delegating so Important?

You’ll almost never hear the word “leadership” without hearing the word “delegate”. That’s because delegating in-house and via Outsourcing are vital to business growth.

So why do so many business leaders fail to outsource?

Many leaders have trust issues and they worry that the job will not get done right unless it’s done on-site. Others feel a sense of guilt that it’s either lazy or too expensive to outsource work. However, the truth is that effective outsourcing is an essential step in taking a business to the next level of success.

Here are a few reasons why outsourcing is so important:

Outsourcing Gives You the Time and Energy to Do More Important Tasks

As a busy leader, it’s a serious mistake to do every task in-house. Trying to do it all will leave your team feeling overwhelmed by extra work that they do not have time or expertise to do well. It will distract managers from more important tasks, like keeping an eye on the big picture and building effective business systems.

Outsourcing Saves Time & Money

Trying to do everything in-house can become a huge waste of time and money. For example, a well-meaning team of non-designers could spin their wheels for weeks and still fail to create an effective ad, while an experienced marketing agency could create an outstanding ad within a few days and at a fraction of the cost. Outsourcing promotes an efficient and cost-effective workflow where everyone is empowered to do what they are best at.

Outsourcing Provides Freedom

It’s so important to have trusted partners that understand what is required to keep the business racing along, even when the leaders are not present. Too many leaders risk burnout by never being able to take a well-deserved vacation.

Isn’t it Time to Lighten Your Load and Thrive as a Leader?

If graphic design and marketing are not your areas of expertise, why not lighten your load so you can truly thrive? Outsource your advertising to the marketing experts at Daxio Design, so you can relax and focus on your core business. Contact Daxio Design Today!

Interview with Crystal Janzen – “Business in New West Magazine”

Crystal Janzen, Creative Director of #DaxioDesign, was recently interviewed by the Magazine “Doing Business in New Westminster”.

Crystal Janzen, is a true advocate for “Women in Business”, enthusiastically supporting other rising entrepreneurs in their career journey.

Crystal Janzen

Daxio Design, Founder & Creative Director

After two decades as a top marketing director in corporate advertising, Crystal Janzen launched Daxio Design: a results-focused marketing agency which offers expertise in strategic marketing, branding, and graphic design. Daxio Design has become a rising star in the business community, winning a prestigious “Business of the Year – Platinum Award” from the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce. (2018 & 2019)

1) How has the Chamber assisted you?
No one achieves success alone. Networking with a friendly and welcoming business community can be a great resource. The connections I’ve made via the Chamber have opened many doors to amazing business opportunities.

2) Any advice for new female entrepreneurs?
Believe in yourself! There are more opportunities than ever for motivated women to thrive in business. Discover a market for your natural talents, learn everything you can from successful people and always keep innovating! There is no greater sense of accomplishment than overcoming the challenges of building a thriving business.

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Daxio Design – Business of the Year Award Winner!

Top 5 Keys to Selling Services

Daxio Design – Platinum Award Winner for Business of the Year!

Daxio Design is very proud and honored to have won a Business of the Year Platinum Award. Thanks so much to the New West Business Community for your welcoming spirit and generous support! Thanks also to our amazing team and valued clients. 🏆

Our Mission

Our mission is to propel companies to the next level of success. Just like our symbol, the dragonfly, we quickly adapt to the ever-changing global marketplace with speed, agility and the power of transformation. We enable our clients to successfully navigate new technology and accelerate their journey to success.

Brand Identity

Whether a company is a startup business or an established brand one of the greatest challenges for any company is to stand out above a sea of noisy competitors. A successful brand strategy must be truly innovative and relentlessly visible.

Strategic Marketing

With decades of experience and industry know-how, we take the guesswork out of creating successful marketing programs. We’ll provide your company with world-class advertising campaigns that get results.

Our Customers

Daxio Design serves a very broad client base from small companies to international corporations. Our world-class marketing solutions offer unparalleled value in terms of in top quality design and competitive rates. We’re passionate about collaborating with our clients as a trusted long-term partner.

Serving Canada and the USA. Is Daxio Design is the right advertising partner for your company? Contact Us Today to discuss your needs and request a quote.

Fail Fearlessly - Daxio Design

Fail Fearlessly

Daxio Design - Top 5 Web Design - BC Canada

Top 5 Web Design Best Practices

1) Simple Navigation

Navigation menus on your website should not be overly complicated. They should be easy to find and simple to use. If your visitors feel overwhelmed or confused by hidden menus, and they don’t know where to click next, then your product or service will get lost in the maze.

2) Mobile Friendly 

Many internet users are on the go these days so it’s vital to ensure your website is optimized for mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. Google now gives top search priority to mobile friendly websites, which means older non-mobile sites are much less likely to be found and will get left in the digital dust.

3) Call to Action 

Your website should include “Call to Action” links that inspire your visitors to take immediate action. Common examples include links such as: Buy Now, Join our Mailing List, Download, Sign Up, Contact Us etc. “Call to Action” links should be very eye catching and placed in a highly visible part of your website.

4) Amazing Content

Yes, it’s true, content is king! Use dramatic images and relevant content to generate brand excitement. Regularly update your content to keep it fresh for readers and to ensure that your SEO ranking stays high. Always ask yourself, are my readers interested in the content I’m providing? Your analytics reports should let you know if your content is on the right track by measuring article click rates.

5) Hire a Professional

When selecting a web designer, your best bet is to hire an experienced professional. Above all, avoid the common temptation to hire someone who will do it for next to nothing. The likely result of hiring a non-professional is that your website will end up looking unprofessional and the website back-end will not be properly setup for SEO. Poorly built websites tend to repel visitors and create a bad image of the company, often leading to lost sales. A professional website is an investment that will pay for it itself by increasing your sales results and overall success.