By digitally accepting an estimate from Daxio Design, you (the client) agree that the project has been initiated and you give full consent to the following terms and conditions:

Our Process
Discovery – The client will discuss their specific project needs with Daxio Design. The client will then provide pre-edited written content and high quality non-copyright images to use in the design. The client may also send “inspirational” images to help Daxio Design understand their preferred design style in terms of colors, fonts and layout.

Proofing – Daxio Design will provide 1st draft to the client within a specific timeframe, agreed upon during the initial consultation. Daxio Design will send the draft in an email or via a file sharing website. The client will then review the draft and provide written email feedback. Daxio Design will revise the draft according to the client’s feedback. The revised draft will be presented to the client again, with a maximum of 2 rounds of edits included in the original estimate price. Daxio Design accepts the clients “OK” as final approval on design projects and bears no legal or financial responsibility for typos or other content errors. Once the client has approved the final design, the client will remit any remaining payment owed, then Daxio Design will send the final artwork to the client (in all requested formats) and the project contract will be complete.

Scheduling: Daxio Design office hours are Monday – Thursday, 8 am – 4:30 pm, excluding Canadian statutory holidays. (Please note that if we are experiencing a higher than usual work volume, your project updates will be scheduled for the earliest available time slot.)

Project Revisions
Each project quote shall include a maximum of 2 rounds of edits included in the estimate price. Extra rounds of edits, requested by the client, will incur additional charges. Revisions may be discussed verbally but all revisions must be verified in detail by the client in writing (via email) to ensure accurate communications and clear project tracking.

Major vs. Minor Edits: Round 2 of edits generally includes only minor edits, such as simple text edits. Major revisions (in Round 2) or occasions where the client requests an unusually large number of revisions are subject to additional charges. The client will be informed of edit requests which exceed the parameters of the original quote. (Note: Major edits include page layout adjustments such as moving photos and blocks of text to a new page location.

Payment Policies
All invoices are payable upon receipt, net 14 days. If the client is sending payment through the mail, we require a tracking number as notice of payment.

An upfront deposit of 50% (based on the quotation amount) is required for all new projects.

Loyal clients requiring long term and ongoing design work will be placed on a monthly billing cycle, which will allow said client to skip the quotation / deposit phase.

Deposits and payments may be made via:

– Bank e-transfer to (best method)
– Visa, Mastercard or Paypal
– Company or Certified Cheque made payable to “Daxio Design” (no personal cheques)

All quotations given are estimates only, unless otherwise negotiated as a flat fee project. Final invoices will reflect actual hours worked on your project which may or may not differ from your quotation. The final invoice will not exceed the quoted amount by a margin of over 25% without prior notification and written authorization by the client.

Hourly Rates
In accordance with industry standards, Daxio Design charges for design services by the hour (unless a flat fee has been negotiated in writing) and we do not offer refunds. We have provided an extensive online portfolio of our design work, making it easy for potential clients to judge whether the style and quality of design work offered by Daxio Design is a good fit for their organization. Every effort will be made by Daxio Design to provide full client satisfaction. However, in the rare event that the client is not fully satisfied with our services or final design, the client agrees to pay for the full amount of the invoice without delay.

Rushed or Prolonged Work
All projects require an agreed upon timetable to be entered into our production schedule. Any client request to shorten the contract period will incur RUSH charges of up to 50% of the full cost of the project. A prolonged project, caused by clients who have not submitting draft comments in a timely manner, will also result in additional fees of up to 50% of the original estimate. If the client becomes non-responsive for a period of 30 days, the project will be removed from our production schedule. At this time an invoice for the full amount will be payable immediately. Should the client choose to resume the project, a prolonged fee of $250 will be payable before resuming the project.

Hourly Packages
Hourly packages provide great value and substantial savings when compared to placing individual orders on a project to project basis. Project time is valid and redeemable, pending on Daxio Design’s availability, within a 12 months period, after which all credits are considered expired.

Unpaid Invoices
After 30 days, a late payment charge of 5% per month will be applied retroactive to the date of invoice. If the account remains in default after 60 days, or if the customer’s payment is charged back to us by way of credit card or cheque fraud, we will issue one final notice before turning the account over to a third-party collections agency. Late fees will continue to accrue on your account, and you will be responsible for all costs incurred for placing you in collections. The client will have no legal rights to use the materials produced by Daxio Design and legal action will be taken to enforce this policy.

Abandoned Projects
If a client should abandon a project or contract after work has commenced, an invoice shall be issued for the full quoted amount, regardless of project status or date of abandonment. Abandoned contracts in cases where the client is nonresponsive to communication are also subject to an accelerated collections policy, and will be submitted to a third-party collections agency if not paid or addressed within 30 days.

Daxio Design Brand & Website
The Daxio Design brand and website are the exclusive intellectual property of Daxio Design. You must have express written permission to use the Daxio Design logo, promotional graphics or any images, artwork, text and graphics credited to the Daxio Design marketing agency.

File Storage
Daxio Design shall make every effort to retain client files for a period of at least six months after project completion. However, it is the responsibility of each client to retain a permanent copy of all project files in their own secure digital archives. Daxio Design is not liable for the loss of client information or project archives before, during or after project completion.

Source Files
In accordance with intellectual property laws, all source files created by Daxio Design are 100% the intellectual property of the design agency. Therefore, all legal rights and file ownership belong to Daxio Design. The client, in agreeing to the policies of Daxio Design by accepting any estimate or contract with the agency, acknowledges that the agency is under no obligation to share source files with clients. (Source or native files include professional design files such as InDesign, Illustrator or EPS files, Photoshop, or stock images.) Clients are only entitled to the delivery of finished production files such as JPG Images or PDF files.

Copyright / Trademarks
The client guarantees that all text or graphics, provided for inclusion in the final design, is original content and does not infringe on any copyright or trademarks established by another company or organization. The client agrees that Daxio Design is not liable for any legal claim arising from the use of copyright infringing content provided by the client.

Daxio Design makes every effort to produce original artwork. However, if we create a brand identity which accidentally bears a resemblance to existing trademarked artwork, Daxio Design holds no liability. The client accepts that it their responsibility a business owner to perform due diligence research to verify that a business name and logo image is legally available.

All materials including drafts and the final artwork remain the intellectual property of Daxio Design. All concepts sent to the client are for client review and comment purposes only and shall not be used for final marketing purposes. All Daxio Design artwork, images, designs, and material are copyright of Daxio Design and may not be resold, added to clip art collections, distributed or reproduced without the express written permission of Daxio Design. Edits to the artwork by a third party must be agreed upon in writing by Daxio Design. Canadian copyright laws permit ownership of the final design and drafts to belong to the designer (Daxio Design) unless otherwise agreed upon. Daxio Design retains the right to display the artwork in their corporate portfolios and marketing materials.

Privacy Policy
We are committed to protecting your privacy. We shall safeguard your personal information within the guidelines of professional best practices.

Approval of Terms & Conditions
By accepting your quotation digitally you are giving Daxio Design approval to proceed with the project. You are also engaging in a business contract with Daxio Design. This contract includes the terms and conditions set out on the “our policies” section of the Daxio Design website. In the event that a client’s own terms and conditions are in conflict with these terms, this document shall be considered to be the definitive contract. Daxio Design reserves the right to amend these terms at any time and without notice.