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Top 5 Web Design Best Practices

1) Simple Navigation

Navigation menus on your website should not be overly complicated. They should be easy to find and simple to use. If your visitors feel overwhelmed or confused by hidden menus, and they don’t know where to click next, then your product or service will get lost in the maze.

2) Mobile Friendly 

Many internet users are on the go these days so it’s vital to ensure your website is optimized for mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. Google now gives top search priority to mobile friendly websites, which means older non-mobile sites are much less likely to be found and will get left in the digital dust.

3) Call to Action 

Your website should include “Call to Action” links that inspire your visitors to take immediate action. Common examples include links such as: Buy Now, Join our Mailing List, Download, Sign Up, Contact Us etc. “Call to Action” links should be very eye catching and placed in a highly visible part of your website.

4) Amazing Content

Yes, it’s true, content is king! Use dramatic images and relevant content to generate brand excitement. Regularly update your content to keep it fresh for readers and to ensure that your SEO ranking stays high. Always ask yourself, are my readers interested in the content I’m providing? Your analytics reports should let you know if your content is on the right track by measuring article click rates.

5) Hire a Professional

When selecting a web designer, your best bet is to hire an experienced professional. Above all, avoid the common temptation to hire someone who will do it for next to nothing. The likely result of hiring a non-professional is that your website will end up looking unprofessional and the website back-end will not be properly setup for SEO. Poorly built websites tend to repel visitors and create a bad image of the company, often leading to lost sales. A professional website is an investment that will pay for it itself by increasing your sales results and overall success.